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Welcome to the first MIFC newsletter for 2017 and the year is flying by already!! I hope you all were able to take a little bit of personal time that included dropping a line. I was lucky enough to escape for a few days up to the archipelago between Xmas & New Year which was fabulous. We met up with the Macfarlan clan and had a great few days enjoying the waterfalls that are now pumping once again after the tragically dry 2016, gorging ourselves on oysters and catching some beautiful fish as well!! – Oh and keeping well hydrated with quite a few refreshing beverages!!
While fellow MIFC committee members Naomi & Gino managed to managed to get amongst some magnificent Dhu fish on their trip south, the best I did on our trip to visit family in Perth was blow fish, undersized whiting and trumpeter from the swan river – I know why I live where I do <”}}}>< <”}}}><
While down in Perth I met with WAFIC (Western Australian Fishing Industry Council) who is representing the new commercial fisher operating close
to Derby, with the intent to present our concerns as to the fishing practices of this new operator, and try to negotiate a larger exclusion zone around Derby to protect our local anglers ability to catch fish in the easily accessible creek & river systems near town. Unfortunately the discussions went around in circles and did not achieve any positive outcomes. As a result RECFISHWEST our advocacy group is preparing a campaign to further lobby fisheries & the government for better spatial separation between commercial & recreational fishing around population centres that is in line with current fisheries management policies and society values. Will keep you all informed as we go along.
The commercial season closure ends on January 31st with commercial gill netting allowed from the 1st February. Please be vigilant and take as many photos as you can of the local gillnetter if you come across him, especially if you think he may be operating in an unprofessional way or breaching his licence conditions, or if he is fishing in or near your favourite fishing spot – these photos will help to lobby government for better spatial separation.
Don’t forget to renew you memberships for 2017 you can pay via direct debit or we will be at the Derby expo on the 19th of February and you can join then. Our first Members sundowner is on Sunday 26th Feb – hope to see you all there.
Tight Lines
Sara <”}}}><


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